Downloading Into the Titan

All versions include the game, readme, and a PDF hints manual.

This game is provided without warranty or guarantee.
Use at your own risk.




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Thanks for downloading Into the Titan. Please select which version you would like to download from the list.

Please be aware that only the Windows and Blender versions are consistently updated. If you run Linux or Mac OS X, it is recommended to use the .blend version instead. The Mac version is never updated, and considerably unstable.

.blend - 63 MB -Up-to-date. Version 1.1.0

Windows - 50 MB -Up-to-date. Version 1.1.0

Linux - 67 MB -Compiled on Ubuntu 7.06. Not up-to-date! Version ?

Mac OS X - 66 MB -Compiled for PowerPC. Runs Intel via emulation. Not up-to-date! Version ?