Illustration: King Lear

For purposes of practice and portfolio-expanding (and my interest in projects like Picture Book Report), I have challenged myself to create an illustration for every book I read this year. The first book I finished was my re-read of Shakespeare’s King Lear. Thus:

King Lear

Ink and watercolor with minor digital modification.

Ink test

I’m still hoping to switch Sunrise to physical inking, which should make the art better and make me happier (despite being somewhat more expensive). This morning I did this little test to try some more potential methods.


The characters are inked with a nylon brush, the background with a nib pen, and the cross-hatching with a pigment liner marker. I tend to be kind of sloppy with a brush, so I probably will just use a nib for characters in the future. I’m planning to start doing all my crosshatching with markers, though, as that might potentially make my nibs last longer. (Whether Sunrise will begin to use extensive crosshatching remains to be seen.)


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