Fixing Fiction

Welcome, beginning writer, to the exciting world of fiction! All right, fun time\’s over. This book will teach you to overcome the most common blunders of the first-time fiction writer. Learn to avoid sins of style and crimes of content, then stock up on a bunch of best practices. This book won\’t make you a great writer, but it will help your fiction stop sucking.

The first section, Errors of Style, covers pitfalls of prose, everything from the misunderstood passive voice to the treachery of adverbs. The second section, Errors of Content, deals with problems inherent to all types of storytelling, such as plausibility issues and pacing. The final section, Best Practices, goes over a few habits that will make you a better writer, from doing your research to planning a story arc.

Illustrations from my own mistakes and the mistakes of others appear throughout, along with real-world examples encompassing everything from Toy Story to Twin Peaks. This won\’t make you a great writer, but it will go a long way toward helping you not suck.

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