Women With EMP Cannons

As promised, here is my sociology paper on feminism in webcomics. I’ve now turned it in to my professor so I think it’d be okay for me to post it here. I’m afraid the formatting may leave something to be desired, but it is after all an eleven-page academic paper being forced onto a blog. Any sources which are online can be accessed by clicking on the in-text citation (with the exception of those for LICD,  because mentioning it here is too much encouragement as it is). Read the rest of this entry »

All Kinds of New Stuff

Lots of updates to the site.

First and foremost is Flashlight, the photo series formerly known as Glimpse. The entire series is online now, so do check it out. (I hope to make a “behind-the-scenes” post at a later time.)

Other updates include a photograph of a dirtpile, a photograph of a ventilator intake (Myst fans particularly ought to check this out), and the logo for The Sextons’ Guild.

Also note the new header, in which I experiment with the logo I designed recently (never before seen online).

Oh, and there’s a new page of Sunrise too. Read it >

Feminism in Webcomics


Through some clever finagling, I managed to find a way to write a paper about webcomics for my sociology class. My central thesis is that webcomics have provided fertile ground for comics which explore strong female characters and other feminist themes by offering a space completely free of the restrictions the comics world had in the past. I just finished the first draft. It references the following:

  • The Penny-Arcade rape joke controversy
  • User Friendly: the original webcomic, complete with one female character
  • xkcd: The comic which tries so hard not to be sexist, or maybe it doesn’t, who can say
  • Least I Could Do: The despicable piece of misogynistic drivel so disgusting that I won’t link to it directly because that would only encourage them
  • DAR!: Erika Moen’s diary of life, love, and crude humor
  • Octopus Pie: The comic I don’t actually like very much but which supports my thesis nicely
  • Girls With Slingshots: Good female characters, funny jokes, and basically everything that LICD isn’t.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court: Proof that men can write good female characters too. You should be reading it, what are you waiting for?
  • Kate Beaton’s honest request for less-sexist compliments. Really, was it too much to ask?

The full essay, complete with one of the longest lists of works cited I’ve ever seen, may be available at a later time.

Glimpse: Pretty Much Finished

After my final critique with my professor I will post the final lineup of images from the project online. In the meantime, here is a sneak preview:


It's Like a Dream Come True

I have cited Star Trek fansite Ex Astris Sciencia in an academic paper:

For example, Star Trek fan Bernd Schneider has attempted to accurately calculate the size of the USS Enterprise as depicted in recent film Star Trek (2009), but his calculations diverge from official figures, which has made him the subject of outspokenly hostile criticism (Schneider 2010:n.p.).

(The paper is a critique of Textual Poachers by Henry Jenkins. This makes sense in context.)

Glimpsing Again #2

More photographs from the project.

Christmas Tree


Crafts and Games


Big Plant

Pink Frog

Glimpsing Again

Some of you may remember my photograph series from last summer, “Glimpse.” (An ugly title which I’m unfortunately stuck with until I can think of a better one. Suggestions welcome.) In the coming months I’ll be working on a continuation of that series as an independent study. Though the planning and preparation stage is not actually complete yet, I’ve already staged two photography sessions in the UConn darkroom. Though my main goal was to practice the technique, either of these images could easily be used in the series as well. Have a look:

Glimpse: Enlarger and Chairs

Glimpse: Chairs

I also ended up with this strange accidental self-portrait, currently visible on the “whois” page.

Barnacle Bert in "Hands Up Jellyfish"

My animation is complete! When you’re ready to see Barnacle Bert’s adventures and related mayhem, click here.

Barnacle Bert was formerly known as Diver Dave, but Barnacle Bert is funnier.

There is also a page about the movie on the main site, which includes high-resolution stills.

Diver Dave Scene 1

Today I animated the first scene of Diver Dave. Check it out on YouTube. (For some reason WordPress is not allowing me to embed the clip, so you’ll have to go there to look at it. Sorry.)

I’m not planning to put every scene online, but I’m excited about getting started so I couldn’t resist posting this.

I’d planned to do 15 FPS, but when I tried that it seemed too chaotic (things went very fast indeed) so I’ve ultimately scaled back to only 7 FPS, which doesn’t look quite as bad as I thought it might.

In other news, it looks like I needn’t have worried about the forty-two second animatic, since this scene is already over 20 seconds and makes up only a tiny part of the film. We’ll see!

Experimental Animation: Animatic!

I’ve made an animatic to help guide the animating process. Turns out that my “film” is only about 42 seconds long… oh, well, I’m sure it’ll still be good. Click here to see it.

I made the whole thing in Flash. It’s the first time I’ve really used it for anything besides very simple experiments.

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