10.60 – Tying it Up

November 23rd, 2012 |


Not yet.

10.53 – Falling Objects

October 20th, 2012 |


10.52 – The Drop

October 12th, 2012 |


Robinson’s decision to abandon the bridge during a crisis is not without precedent. Maybe it’s a trick he pulls on every new first officer just to see how they handle it.

10.50 – Into the Ring

September 28th, 2012 |


On my original notes for this page, I wrote “Could this be Ritchie’s time to shine? Maybe.” I seem to have come down in the negative on that front.

10.49 – Another Party Heard From

September 21st, 2012 |


Things are looking grim.

10.36 – Covert Operations

May 8th, 2012 |


10.32 – Big Idea

April 1st, 2012 |


For my April Fool’s joke this year, I am posting actual content. Surprise!

Really the delay has been that I’ve been doing a lot of computer work lately, and it’s hard for me to muster the enthusiasm to do the time-consuming Photoshop work in my free time. If there was no digital component to Sunrise everything would probably be going on schedule.

On a side note, this is the first time I’ve shown the navigation room, and probably the last. Oh well.

10.24 – From The Mixed-Up Files of Mr. Lanour

January 25th, 2012 |


Sorry this is so late. I had no heat in my work room, and it was getting pretty cold. Now it is back, and hopefully soon the update schedule will pick up.

10.23 – Exhibition

January 16th, 2012 |


Plenty of easter eggs this page. I won’t detail them all now because I’m curious to see how many you guys can spot. Not all the paintings are eggs, but a lot of them are. Have at it.

10.22 – Chez Lanour

January 10th, 2012 |


This page was a real chore… practically no story content but lots of boring things to draw over and over again. I should have edited it better.

Oh, and a note about Albee’s presence: Albee didn’t transfer to the Nefertiti, she’s just there for the shakedown cruise to make sure the ship gets off to a good start. After it’s over she’ll return to the Akhenaten. I’ll try to find somewhere in the comic itself to clarify that.

A couple story reminders: Why they’re visiting Lanour. Lanour’s previous appearance (WARNING: This link will take you to Issue 7).