Dramatis Personae

Primary Characters

Jonah Robinson. Captain of the Akhenaten. Infamous for losing two ships, Robinson realizes that the Akhenaten is his last chance to redeem himself.
Neil Raven. Raven is the ship’s pilot and first officer. The Akhenaten is his first assignment, and he is eager to prove himself. He spent six months in prison for smuggling whiskey.
Candace Albee. Chief engineer of the Akhenaten and Kindler Airlines’ first female employee. Candace Albee worked with Blanchard on the design and may know the ship better than he does.
Mary Atwright. Akhenaten stewardess. Mary expected that this would be a pretty easy job, if kind of lonely at times, but has been involved in quite a few adventures at this point. She has a secret crush on Raven, but lately has been dating Hamete.
Ibrahim Hamete. The Akhenaten‘s dashing young Arabic security officer. Hamete hails from Vermont and brings a youthful enthusiasm to what might otherwise be a pretty boring job. Don’t ask him on a date, though, he’s seeing Atwright.
Heinrich Blanchard. Designer of the Akhenaten. Blanchard has complete faith in the design, but is somewhat stressed by the possibility that it could fail financially. Blanchard is troubled by a chronic illness which occasionally cripples him.

Supporting Characters

Grant Kindler. Kindler is an extremely wealthy man, having made a fortune in steel processing. He founds Kindler Airlines, the owners of the Akhenaten, to compete with Astor.
Erik Stephenson. Erik is a wealthy investor who specializes in importing luxury goods. He’s a friendly guy, if a little overbearing. He is a friend of Kindler’s and smokes a cigarette in a holder like FDR.
Sherman Ritchie. Akhenaten crewman. Ritchie serves as the liaison between the lower crew and the bridge crew. Ritchie is somewhat pretentious, believing himself to be far more important than he is. Nobody likes him but he doesn’t know it.
Suri Sudeshna. The Akhenaten‘s resident physician (replaced Kuruschov). Dr. Suri grew up in India and has immigrated only recently. Her bedside manner could use some work.
Harold Astor. The wealthy owner of Astor Airlines, Kindler’s main rival. He’s not above engaging in some mudslinging to get his way.
Lila Astor. Daughter of Harold Astor, Lila is an artist and writer. Raven is infatuated with her but she is less enthusiastic about him.


Issue 2 – Yucateca

Frances Lenard. Archaeologist.  Lenard is an assertive and uncompromising woman who has fought her way through male-dominated academics to follow her dream of being an archaeologist.  The Akhenaten accompanies her to the Yucatan so that she can conduct research.

Gregor Smith. Stranger.  Stranger found in the Yucatan jungles,  claiming to be a missionary.  As the crew gets to know him,  however,  they begin to suspect that he may be hiding something

Issue 3 – Versus

Colin Teastell. Second officer of the RAS Stradivarian.

The Crewman. He doesn’t have a name,  but he and his similarly-nameless buddy appear a number of times,  meriting him an entry on this page.  First he’s bad,  then he decides to be good.

Issue 4 – Adrift

Tela Kress. Tela is a little girl found on the drifting airship Ojo de Dios. She seems to be hiding something,  but is a cute kid by other standards.

Geer and Miri Kress.  Tela’s parents.  They’re not especially forthcoming at first.  Miri (Tela’s mother) talks more than Geer (Tela’s father).

Issue 5 – In Pictures

Caesar Mansfield. Mansfield is the movie director.  He is completely in charge and he knows it.  He is a strong believer in the potential of film and an advocate of artistic integrity.

Walter Casey. He’s the star of In Pictures.  He can sing,  he can act,  and boy is he dreamy.  He’s also kind of a jerk.

Milton Floyd. Federal airship inspector.  He can’t pronounce Akhenaten.

Issue 6 – For a Song

Bertrand James Ashbroch. A wealthy business partner of Erik Stephenson’s,  and a great fancier of music.  He’s also dead,  which makes things a bit complicated.

Mrs. Ashbroch. Still somewhat distracted over the loss of her husband.

Dwight Haeckel. The lawyer overseeing Ashbroch’s estate.  He’s up to something,  as these one-issue characters so often are.

Issue 7 – Concourse

The Bald Villain. You can’t be serious. This guy doesn’t even have a name.

Issue 8 – Isolation

Dr. Bernice Norton. The director of the airborne laboratory Jenner. Dr. Norton is paranoid and somewhat bigoted, and is determined to vindicate the  work of her dead father.

Miriam Bell. Norton’s assistant. Bell is a young scientist eager to make important discoveries.

Spiro Metaxas. Half Greek and half Arabic, Metaxas is a grad student working on board the Jenner and the subject of Norton’s wrath. Pity him.


Aaron Blanchard. Son of Heinrich, Aaron was the Akhenaten’s chief engineer in issues 1 & 2. At the end of Issue 2 he resigned his commission with Kindler Airlines to travel with Frances Lenard.

Nigel Kuruschov. Resident doctor on the Akhenaten. Kuruschov is a recent immigrant from Russia. I dropped him from the series after Issue 6 because there just wasn’t enough for him to do.