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It’s been a long,  depressing issue,  and I thought we could all use a stupid little diversion like this one.  I think Ritchie probably has “stupid little diversion” written on his business cards.

That said,  this page also strikes me as being kind of offensive,  so let me remind anyone who’s offended that Ritchie is a moron.  I neither recommend nor condone nor sympathize with his actions.  Okay?

Also I wanted to make a note of the setting in the last panel.  All the living quarters we’ve seen so far have been staterooms,  used for passengers (Raven also has a standard stateroom because he’s first officer.  Robinson has the Captain’s Cabin,  which is an entirely different animal.).  Depicted here are the crew quarters,  with bunks for two.  Atwright and Albee are the only two women on the crew,  so they’re assigned to the same quarters even though their ranks are quite different.  I don’t know that anyone cares, but it’s important from my perspective to keep track of this kind of thing.

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