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Sunrise: The Complete Anthology « Comics by John W. Allie

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This is what the book looks like.

Click here to buy your copy, or read on for a lengthy explanation.

I’ve been working overtime to get together a Sunrise anthology edition fit for the gods…or at least for you, my loyal readers. The book, weighing in at a frankly astonishing 384 pages, is now complete, and includes the following:

  1. Issues 1-10, naturally
  2. The existing pages of the canceled issue “The Bargain”
  3. Both April Fool’s Day jokes.
  4. Selected excerpts from original online commentary
  5. Brand new retrospective commentary unique to the book
  6. A complete guide to the comic’s easter eggs

(Please click here if you want to see more pictures.)

The book is available through Lulu for $20 per copy. (Cheap!) Click here to order.

The special offer described below has expired.

So, I suppose you’re thinking, how can one obtain this delightful tome? Well, here’s the thing. It’s going to be printed on demand, so it will be available at any time from Lulu. However, for a limited time, I’m going to offer a special opportunity to all of you:

If you preorder from me directly, I will obtain copies for you, sign them, and mail them to you, free shipping.

However: if you’ll pay the shipping, I’ll draw a sketch in the book, too. Choose a character and a scenario and I’ll do my best. Albee fighting Darth Maul? Ritchie riding a stegosaur? The possibilities are endless.

So take your pick. Act now and get a copy which has been manhandled by the author, or wait for a bit and get it sent to you in pristine condition by a computer. The former option, however, will become unavailable on February 16 (two weeks from today), at which point I will order the copies.

One more thing: This first run of copies will be numbered! If you are the first person to order a copy, it will have “Copy 1 of (x)” written inside. Remember: These could be marginally valuable someday.

No time like the present. Click here to be directed to a surprisingly ugly PayPal order form. If you’re not a big PayPal fan, just send me a quick email at himself at good old johnwallie.com and we’ll work something out.

The book looks nice. I like it and I think you will too.

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