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All right,  now things are back to normal and  I can say a few words about my little joke.  In case you missed it,  here is the comic which ran,  and here is a screenshot of what the page looked like.  (Look beneath the fold for the text that ran with the comic).  Also,  because this took as  long to draw as a regular page does,  there will be no page this Friday.  Sorry.

So as I’ve freely admitted,  Sunrise is very much inspired by Star Trek.  I’ve tried to format the comic to be very much like Star Trek,  despite the difference in setting.  The appeal of Star Trek is its focus on characters rather than constantly relying on the “gee-whiz” factor,  so that’s  the format I’ve been following.  I figure I now owe a bit of a debt to those people,  so here I’m repaying them with parody.  (If any Paramount people are reading this,  you should be aware that I am a skilled artist and writer who would not hesitate to come help with Star Trek.  Hint,  hint.)

As a parody this works pretty well,  I think.  First and foremost it’s a parody of Star Trek, obviously.   Raven gets to have what I call a Riker line,  one of the gratuitous explanatory lines blurted out by a character (usually Commander Riker in The Next Generation) for the benefit of the audience.  Albee gets to have one of those moments of engineering genius so common on Star Trek where the chief engineer reconfigures something to do what it was never intended to do in two minutes and it works perfectly.   Ritchie gets to die at the hands of an exploding console.    Secondly,  it’s also a parody of fan fiction.  Especially with the parts about pon farr and Raven’s duplicate,  I was trying not just to emulate a fan comic,  but a bad fan comic:  One that takes itself really,  really,  seriously despite the fact that it’s woefully idiotic and derivative.  So all in all I think this was a very successful April Fools’ joke.

PS – Myst fans will also note two references here.  Direbo and Esher are a place and a character,   respectively,  from Myst V.

I’ve removed the page from the archives so it won’t come up when people are trying to read Issue 4,  but the comic can still be accessed through this post.  The accompanying text is preserved archivally here:

Hailing frequencies,  and welcome to Issue 42!  Here are some things I’m excited about in the coming issue:

  1. The Sheliak attack!  You remember the Sheliak–those goopy but very intelligent aliens featured in TNG  3/02 “The Ensigns of Command.”  They are now making their first appearance in Sun Trek as they attack the home planet of the Astorians,  forcing the Astorians and the Federation to form an alliance in order to fight them off.
  2. New character!  I’m pleased to announce that a new character will be appearing on Page 19:  Lol,  the second daughter of Commander Data.  Lol is Data’s second attempt at creating an android offspring.  Building on his failures with Lal,  Data tries again and this time meets success by infusing Lol’s positronic matrix with an engram derived from 21st century Internet memes.  Lol will now be stationed on the Akhenaten,  where she will be seen spouting her unique catchphrases such as “I Can Has Cheezburger,”  “How Are You Gentlemen!!” and occasionally “Badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger…”
  3. Many of you have been asking when Captain Robinsevak is going to experience pon farr,  and the answer is–in this issue!  Just when things seem like they couldn’t be any worse,  he keels over and the crew has to make an emergency trip to Vulcan to save him!  Wow!
  4. Also keep an eye out for Raven’s double,  Buzz Raven,  who was created in a transporter accident back in Issue 14,  “My Own Image.”  He has turned bad and joined up with both Lore and the Duras sisters,  who will be working together to try and ensure that there is no peace between the Astorians and the Federation.

So that should give you some idea of what’s coming!  I hope you enjoy Issue 42 – Sheliak Attack.

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  1. Jayarr says:

    No strip on Friday? That is a nasty trick…… :(

  2. PlantPerson says:

    Sorry…I hated to do it, but I'm running a bit behind as it is.

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