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Well,  since nobody ever requests the link board (and you could if you wanted to,  you know) I’ve decided that instead of leaving it empty all the time I will start using it to link to comics I’ve found recently.  I’m going to try to reserve it mostly for comics that are fairly new,  as they need the links more (not that I have many to offer).  I like Dinosaur Comics as much as the next guy,  but seriously,  how many views per day does Ryan North actually need?  The link board will still be available for requests,  though,  so do speak up if you’re interested.

So,  without further ado,  I present my first choice for Link Board feature:  Chronillogical! This is a nifty little comic that’s a few months old.  The premise?  Time-traveling graduate students!  If that’s not enough to get your attention,  let me state that Chronillogical has wonderfully whimsical art and is very funny.  The artwork is very fluid and goofy,  very reminiscent of the Saturday-morning cartoons of days gone by.  The jokes run the gamut,  from surreal and absurd to character-driven.  The fact that it’s about graduate students I also find interesting.  There’s a real glut of comics about undergraduates,  high-schoolers,  and little kids,  but grad students?  That’s unusual.  And anyway,  can anyone really say “no” to a  comic featuring a friendly talking skeleton?*  Or a jetpack-toting dean who’s inexplicably two inches tall?  This is the kind of thoroughly amusing zaniness that awaits you at Chronillogical,  and I highly recommend that you check it out.

*To be fair,  he claims that he’s not a skeleton.

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  1. Greg says:

    Thanks a ton for the write-up! John and I really appreciate it, and we're glad to hear you enjoy the comic.

  2. PlantPerson says:

    You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

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