Sunrise: The Complete Anthology

The complete anthology of Sunrise, my now-completed webcomic, is now available for purchase. Until February 16, the option of a signed and/or drawn-in copy is available. See this page for more details, or see below and after the fold for additional pictures and information. Click here to go ahead and order a copy for yourself.

Sunrise anthology, in isometric-esque view

What it looks like inside

Please shelve between works by superior cartoonists.

Book features:

  1. Issues 1-10, naturally
  2. The existing pages of the canceled issue “The Bargain”
  3. Both April Fool’s Day jokes.
  4. Selected excerpts from original online commentary
  5. Brand new retrospective commentary unique to the book
  6. A complete guide to the comic’s easter eggs

Click here to buy it. ‘Tis fun either way.

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