Ten Years of Zarks!

Zirconius: Allies and Enemies

This is a fateful date. You are probably already aware that it is Pi Day (especially so at 1:59) but it is also, coincidentally, the day that the Zarks were born. For it was on Pi Day in 2002 that I happened to create, almost absent-mindedly, a creature called a Zark to serve as a bit enemy in the embarrassingly-titled comic Space Kid. I’ve related this story a million times before, so I’ll just give the synopsis:

  1. Zarks turn out to be cooler than Space Kid
  2. Zarks gradually take over comic
  3. Zarks go on to star in video games and stuff

And so, to celebrate the first ten years of Zarkdom, I present the following show of rare and/or unseen images from their storied lineage. And if that’s not enough, I also offer you a digital copy of the complete Zirconius comics, a guide to the Easter Eggs of Into the Titan, and some old backstory: Maz’s journal. (Links are below the fold.) Share and enjoy.

The Slideshow

There’s More!

  • To download a PDF of Zirconius: The Complete Original Series, click here. (27.2 MB) If you enjoy the book, please consider buying a print edition, which I assure you are quite lovely.
  • To read Maz’s journal and to find out about the easter eggs of Into the Titan, please visit the official Titan page.

That’s all folks! Thanks for looking…see you back here in 2022.

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