Realm: Good News and Bad

Realm Chapter 2 Originals

Realm Chapter 2 is inked and ready to be scanned as soon as I get a chance, so before very long it will be appearing online in all its glory. That is the good news.

The bad news is that I’ve decided not to draw any more chapters of Realm until I have the entire book in thumbnail form. Up until now I’d been doing Realm in a manner similar to that I use for Sunrise, in which I begin finishing early pages before the thumbnail outline is even complete. This works okay for Sunrise, as it must keep to a tight deadline, but it tends to cause some amount of discontinuity overall, as the story tends to evolve with the thumbnails. Since Realm is a very long story and is significantly more work than a given issue of Sunrise, I want to do this the right way. That means that I want to have the entire story finalized in thumbnails before I cut another piece of bristol board. So, expect some significant delays before Issue 3…but to be honest, even if it takes a year to finish planning, the delay could be less than that of Issue 2.

Posted on March 8th, 2011. Filed under Comics, Process, Realm.

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