Illustration: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. Media: Sumi ink brush drawing with digital color. See original linework here.

New studio arrangements

New drafting table

I’ve finally taken it upon myself to upgrade my workspace in some fashion, and yesterday I assembled and set up my new drafting table. It’s bigger than the old one, and has a glass surface instead of cardboard (it originally had a wooden surface, but it was too scratched-up to use). The lamp underneath the table allows it to double as a light box, which is something I rarely use, but it will be nice to have the ability now. I also bit the bullet and ordered some more bristol board, which I will now use for Sunrise as well as Realm. That’s a new page of Sunrise you can see on the table. In summation, good improvements all around… hopefully they’ll have a positive effect on the work!

I do believe it's Pi Day!

That means three things:

  1. Realm chapter 1 is now available to be read online.
  2. The Zarks, which I invented while drawing on a half-hour car trip, are now nine years old.
  3. The area of a circle is equal to the radius squared times 3.14159265358979323846264 . That is the extent to which I memorized it when I was in my teens. Yes, I know what Toothpaste for Dinner says. I make no apologies for the actions of my teenage self.

Tomorrow a new issue of Sunrise will begin, in honor of the ides of March I guess.

Realm: March 14th!

There haven’t been enough posts about Realm on here lately, so here is another: Realm Chapter 1 (previously known as “Chapter 2″) will be appearing online on Pi Day. Don’t miss it!

The change in numbering is due to a mix-up on my part… the print and online versions are numbered differently and I was accidentally using the print numbering online.

Realm Chapter 2 Trailer

Here’s the “trailer” for Realm Chapter 2… I hope it whets your appetite for the adventure (so-called)! Be advised that the trailer contains some minor spoilers, as any trailer does. Click to enlarge:

Minor spoilers... don't enlarge if you care!

Realm: Good News and Bad

Realm Chapter 2 Originals

Realm Chapter 2 is inked and ready to be scanned as soon as I get a chance, so before very long it will be appearing online in all its glory. That is the good news.

The bad news is that I’ve decided not to draw any more chapters of Realm until I have the entire book in thumbnail form. Up until now I’d been doing Realm in a manner similar to that I use for Sunrise, in which I begin finishing early pages before the thumbnail outline is even complete. This works okay for Sunrise, as it must keep to a tight deadline, but it tends to cause some amount of discontinuity overall, as the story tends to evolve with the thumbnails. Since Realm is a very long story and is significantly more work than a given issue of Sunrise, I want to do this the right way. That means that I want to have the entire story finalized in thumbnails before I cut another piece of bristol board. So, expect some significant delays before Issue 3…but to be honest, even if it takes a year to finish planning, the delay could be less than that of Issue 2.

Circuit Reader 3: reMIND

Pacing is one of those things that no one notices unless it’s not working. It’s tricky to strike that delicate balance between too slow and too fast, and many webcomic writers never quite seem to get the knack of it. They particularly seem to fall prey to what is charmingly called “glacial” pacing, in which weeks’ worth of real time elapses while narrative time proceeds at a crawl. I am happy to say that reMIND by Jason Brubaker does not have this problem. Unfortunately, it has the opposite problem.

reMIND image 1
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